Designing Home Page

  1. Go to your Yourstore Dashboard and Go to Website → Home Page
  2. By default you would have the current segments of your website.
  3. Edit → Details to make changes to the Heading and Sub Heading in the Homepage of the relavent segments.
  4. Edit → Images to make changes to the Images in the Homepage of the relavent segments.
  5. If you're editing your homepage for the first time, you'll see sample segments with a few options to get started. Edit, delete, rearrange or add new segments to design your page.

  6. Click the "Add Segment" button to add a new segment below
  7. Use the Rank to set the position this new segment appears on the website.
  8. Click "View Website" button on top to have look at the changes made.
  9. Clicking on "Reset Layout" will delete all the segments, content, images uploaded and reset the webiste to the base template.