Add a New Product

Getting Started

  1. Go to your Yourstore Dashboard and Go to Products → All Products
  2. Click on "Add Product" to start adding products to your website.
  3. Add images of the product. Recommended image resolution is 900 x 1060 pixels.
  4. Enter the name of the product.
  5. SKU are auto generated by default, you can choose to use your own SKU value as well.

    All product SKU values should be unique.

  6. Units can be in PCs, Mts and Kgs based on the product.

    Pcs - For all products that can be sold in single units or readymade products
    Mts - For fabrics, items sold in custom length
    Kgs - For grocery items , vegetables, etc. that you would like the customers to choose the quantity.

  7. Enter description for the product.
  8. Next you can input the selling price (MRP of the product).
  9. Stock allows you to input the quantity of inventory in hand.
  10. You can select the catalogues under which the product should appear.
  11. If your product has a variant, use Apply Variants options to create multiple variant options like size, colour or other custom options. After input of each option in the value field hit enter to create the option.
  12. To update further options click on "Advanced Options".
  13. Enter Brand name of the product, this is an optional field. You can leave it, until you sell products of multiple brands.
  14. HSN code stands for “Harmonised System of Nomenclature”. This system has been introduced for the systematic classification of goods all over the world. This is an optional field.
  15. Shipping Weight is mandatory to be entered, please enter the exact weight of the product including packaging. Example: 500 grams = 0.5, 250 grams = 0.25, 50 grams = 0.05
  16. “Product Taxonomy” selects from the list the category this product belongs to correctly.
    You can create Product Taxonomy under Product → Product Extras → Product Taxonomy
  17. “Advanced Search Keywords” this option helps the products to show up when searched by customers easily. Example: Product Name is “Red Striped Shirt” You can add the following keywords separated by comma or pressing enter after each option. Keywords “Casual shirt, party shirt, red shirt”
  18. You can choose the TAX rate options pre-created from this list.

    You can create TAX slabs under Setings → Tax Rates

  19. "This is a featured product" can be enabled to feature a product in the homepage of the website.

    To enable featured products on the home page go to Website → Website Design → Home Page
    Click on "Add New Product" and select type as "Featured Product".

  20. To give discounts on the product use enable apply discounts. You can choose to enter a discount percentage or directly enter the final price in the Price after Discount field.
  21. Tags are filters that are available on the website to easily find the products.
    You can create tags under Products → Product Extras → Product Tags
  22. Footnote are additional short information that can be added to the products for the customer to easily look at.
    You can create tags under Products → Product Extras → Footnote
  23. If you want to highlight your products as Bestseller or Recommended, create Image Tag Options under Products → Product Extras → Image Tags and the list would appear here on the product upload page.
  24. If you would like to display size charts for your product the same can be created under Products → Product Extras → Size Chart, use this option to add values to your size chart by adding columns and rows and the list of created size charts would appear here on the product upload page.