How to make a logo

Design custom logos in 3 easy steps


Enter your business or brand name and choose the category under which your business falls. Select a logo style such as text-only logos, icon-only logos or a logo with both text and icons that sits well with your brand.


Customise your business logo by searching through zillions of different icons and choosing the one that sits well with your business. Edit text and add your brand colours to the logo to create a personalised logo design.


Save and download your customised brand logo in any desired format like PNG, JPG or SVG. You can now use your brand logo anywhere from websites, social media, business cards to flyers and marketing products.

Create brand logos instantly

Design your brand logo in seconds with a few clicks with our free and instant logo generator tool. Create customised and professional-looking logos with little to zero design knowledge whether you are running a start-up or an established business.

Edit with a click

Design a unique-looking logo for your business with no prior experience in designing with our easy-to-use logo maker software by searching for the perfect icon that reflects your brand style. Customise the fonts and colours according to your preferences in a few simple steps.

Design multi-purpose logos

Create a simple yet powerful logo that serves different purposes and can be shown on any platform, leaving a lasting impression on your audience's memory. Create a strong brand identity with your logo wherever it pops up, be it a mobile, tablet or any other product.

Create your professional brand logo in seconds.

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Yourstore’s free logo maker tool is a one-stop solution for businesses from all industries to create logos that are professional and customisable with easy-to-use features within a few seconds.

Logos are useful to represent your brand's identity and message in a simplified yet creative way. It serves as a means of identification with which your customers can associate your brand. It is a great way to create a place in people's minds and evoke emotions for your brand within them.

Follow these tips to design a good logo:
1. Establish your brand's statement and values.
2. Understand your target audience thoroughly.
3. Trim away unnecessary elements.
4. Convey your brand message with clarity.