5 Best tips for your ecommerce product video marketing

5 Best tips for your ecommerce product video marketing

There are many occasions when you can ‘wing it’ in your ecommerce business marketing, but videos are not one of them! That is why today we have gathered five killer tips for your product’s promotional video. 



Write a script

Ecommerce product video script

In order to get everything across to your customer in the most effective way, spend time collecting your thoughts and organizing them in a script, and then modify it until you are satisfied. Sending across a clear and well thought out message can increase your marketing ROI.


Be personal

Ecommerce product video people

Let your customers know the people behind the brand! Introducing yourself and your relationship with the company starts the video off on a friendly inviting note. Showing real people behind the brand greatly increases trust and can help reduce marketing cost. Including an anecdote not only starts the video off on an inviting note but also enables your customers to empathize which is one of the best ways to persuade your ecommerce customers. 


Get the money-shots

Ecommerce product video shoot


Ecommerce customers are watching the video to get a better idea of the products, so make sure to shoot from multiple angles. Don’t forget to shoot close-ups to show off the product details, and features. When a customer gets a clear idea about the product the chances of a sale are much higher and thus helping your marketing campaigns perform better


Don’t talk their ear-off

Ecommerce product video tips

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a novel, so don’t worry about filling every second with your commentary, instead have a few seconds of light background music while you show off the product from different angles or in use.


Make your products look their best

Ecommerce product video tricks

Here are a few production tips to make your ecommerce product videos look great.

  • Shoot in high definition, and widescreen
  • Pay careful attention to the lighting to avoid harsh shadows and dimly lighted environments
  • Shoot with a tripod to keep shots steady 
Ecommerce product video script

Ifa Zawarin, Yourstore

21st December 2020